The simplest and funniest way to play with coworkers.
A blend of Cubicle and Badminton.

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The Rules

We have spent a lot of time refining the rules for Cubinton. A thousand Yes' for every No (or the opposite) to reach this level of maturity and design. Here are the best rules to have fun:

  1. Badminton rules for tossing and serving apply - rules.
  2. A match consists of the best of 3 games of 11 points.
  3. Every time there is a serve – there is a point scored.
  4. Serving: the "net" while serving is materialized by the computer displays and cubicle walls, not the desks. This net delimits the two sides of the court. The shuttlecock must not land on the desk at serving (while it's OK after).
  5. If there are walls delimiting the court, the walls are part of the court.
  6. When serving, if the shuttlecock hits the ceiling, the player serving must retry.
  7. The player serving must have hands below the level of the desk.
  8. One pass in a team is accepted while playing doubles. Great for combos.
  9. A player can have one part of his/her body (e.g. head, foot, chest) catching the shuttlecock, and then touching the shuttlecock again with the hand.
  10. And more.

What you need

To play Cubinton, it's rather simple - you need:
  • 4 coworkers with at least 1 hand each
  • 1 cubicle
  • 1 shuttlecock

The story behind Cubinton

We wanted to make the world a better place. So we created Cubinton, a beautifully designed game.

The first Cubinton teams were created in 2014. Initially composed of geeks coding 24/7, this game has been designed to release pressure. And it worked.
We had to refine the rules many times to make sure it was well balanced so that we keep on playing. Be careful, you might become addicted to this game.

Our ambition? We're shooting for 2042 to be officially at the Olympic Games. Join us.

Gamers are talking

  • Nico: "Awesome, I need to play every 2 hour to kick some asses at work"

  • Olivier: "I'm freakin' good, b*tches."
  • Tom: "Oh yeah, I'm serving like a boss..."